Toned down lightweight elegance

Monroe Car Coat

Monroe Car Coat

The contemporary carcoat

Layer up
your monroe

The Monroe is our interpretation of the classic carcoat. It’s lightweight, wind and water repellent, which makes it both functional and stylish. For chilly days and for a more casual look, we love to layer it up with our light padded Milan Vest.


The Carcoat was originally designed to keep drivers warm from the wind while driving old fashioned open cars. Initially it was designed to provide maximum warmth and coverage. Fur, leather or heavy wool were preferred materials. Over time, the carcoat has become a much shorter and lighter garment but is still a utilitarian coat that gives stylish minimalism to any outfit. Dressed up or down, it is a classic outerwear for the Gentle Man.

Monroe Carcoat

Milan Vest



Time-honoured traditions continue in today’s gentleman. Confident, yet humble. This connoisseur is the inspiration behind the Berkeley brand and to everything we do. You can see it in the classic, high quality craftsmanship and our meticulous attention to every detail. Timeless styles ever-so-slightly updated to reflect and embrace the values and lifestyle of the Gentle Man.